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With smartphones packing so much processing power, it’s only justified that we have the urge to carry all our data around with us. A lot in our lives has gone digital which means it can be saved, categorized, and retrieved from a personal digital database. Bento has been pioneering the concept of a personal database for years on the Mac.

Bento for iPad helps you manage contacts, track projects, plan events, and so much more – all the while syncing with its desktop counterpart. Follow me after the fold to learn how awesome the app really is.


In the post PC and smartphone era, it’s imperative that all our bookmarks and online references come with us wherever we go. Often, most of us might find a database of plain old links to be of very little help. Some context or description about the link we have saved will go a long way and save us a lot of time.

Sure, a lot of apps allow us to add a short description to our bookmarks, but in the Web 2.0 era, it’s not a step forward in the right direction.

Springpad is a personal digital organizer that helps you remember stuff. It’s more than your average bookmarking app. In addition to saving a link, the app extracts data from the page you are saving and enhances it further with useful links.