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Ask any system administrator and they’ll tell you that remote access is crucial to their work. Whether it’s to install an update on a computer for their boss at their home office or perform maintenance on a web server in Shanghai, remote access via SSH or Telnet is the foundation of maintaining any IT infrastructure and in times when remote access is required, many sysadmins would instinctively reach for their laptop.

Prompt, by Panic, is an SSH and Telnet client for the iPad that lets users remotely connect to computers. Is it good enough to serve as an alternative to the sysadmin’s trusty laptop? Let’s find out.

When it was teased on their home page a couple of days back, forums and blogs around the world exploded with rumours about what the new app from the “shockingly good software developers” Panic was going to be. And today, those rumours have been debunked. Panic have released an iPad dashboard app, innocently named Status Board, making it the sixth app from these acclaimed developers.

Panic’s foray into iOS app development has been limited to Diet Coda (which we reviewed back in June 2012) and Prompt, an SSH client for the iPhone and iPad, however Status Board marks a radical shift towards more consumer-orientated apps — something which your dear author appreciates terribly. Their reputation for making functionality and features sexy at the same time is something that has grabbed everybody’s attention, and Status Board is absolutely no exception to this.

Read on for our full review and thoughts on this new app.


If you’re a Mac OS X user and involved in the web design/development scene, you’ve probably heard of the indie developers Panic and, more specifically, their product Coda. Coda is an all-in-one web development enviroment that pulls together multiple tools such as visual CSS generation, file transfer and reference together with a text editor supporting a range of languages. Last month, Panic released Coda 2, a signifcantly updated version of the software.

Alongside the release of Coda 2, Panic also released Diet Coda, an accompanying $19.99 app for iPad that’s already disrupting the long-term stereotype of an iPad being useless for productivity. Diet Coda combines a text editor with a powerful FTP-based file manager making editing your files stored online a pleasant and productive experience. Let’s take a look…