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Squareboard is a most unusual app that is a new take on organising your life. Sometimes the things we need to note down, buy, schedule or purchase just don’t fit into a neatly ordered list. Squareboard offers us a way to quickly record an item into a square, associate it with a category and add further detail or a photo.

Having each item in a square (or rectangle) allows you to get a quick overview of many tasks in a single glance. You can also freely re-arrange items using simple drag-and-drop gestures. It really is great fun and a novel way to increase your productivity. It offers the ability to group together items of similar interest and then quickly re-organise should your plans change. Take a closer look after the jump.

Recently, I’ve been spending quite some time with my iPad in a web design context for a few articles over at Tuts+, and had the chance to use some fantastic iPad apps that are disrupting one of the core stereotypes of the iPad, its uselessness for content creation. I’ve came to the conclusion that the iPad is the perfect device for planning projects like web design, acting as a great canvas for producing and sharing plans, prototypes and ideas.

Adobe Proto is an app that’s leading the way to disrupting this meme of a tablet not being fit for productivity. The app is all about planning and prototyping ideas in wireframes consisting of a number of stock elements and even adhering to popular CSS grid systems.


For some, iCal is a powerful enough tool for schedule management. It keeps track of personal calendars, provides reminders of appointments and to-dos, and even syncs with iOS devices. Some of us, however, want a little bit more out of our calendar application. That’s why we use Google Calendar. Multi-user calendars facilitate collaboration and group scheduling, group tasks help organize teams of workers, and cloud-based agendas can be accessed from anywhere.

Calendars is a Google Calendar client from the folks at Readdle that brings a lot of those features you love to your iPad. But with the Google Calendar web interface available on iPad, is it necessary?