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When it comes to playing games on my iPad, I’m normally looking for one of two things.

  1. Something entertaining and fun that’ll amuse me for a few minutes, perhaps longer if it’s really good!
  2. A game that’s immersive and really gets me involved, something to engage my mind for a longer period of time and provide a good challenge.

Both of these types of games have their strengths and weaknesses, I’m not going to open up Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery if I only have 5 minutes to kill, that’s missing the point entirely, I’d much rather dive headfirst into something that’ll give me a quick fix!

Pod Odyssey is a game that definitely comes under the first definition, but offers a depth of detail and enjoyment that is refreshing in the bloated occasional game category. Most exciting of all, you can easily get your hands on it – we have a competition this week in which we’re giving away 25 copies of the game, check it out and get involved!

Put on your spacesuit and grab your helmet!


Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway this week, and special thanks to the kind people at Coffee Pot Labs! I’m excited to let you know that the winners have now been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:

Alexander Friesen
Guy Eiiy
Ari Arsyadi
Daniel Rodríguez
Christoffel Gilis
Ziogas Chris
Steven Van Hissenhoven
Mario Aguilar
Greg Connour
Oluf Nielsen
Christoffel Gilis
Dan Palmer

Well done to the lucky winners, and we’ll be in touch soon. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions!

Old Competition Post

Another massive competition for the loyal readers of AppStorm this week! We have 25 promo codes available for the iPad game Pod Odyssey, a game that encourages you to use your galactic pilot skills to guide a lost space POD through a series of jagged cosmic mazes, evil missile-shooting robots, and homing space spiders.