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This is really an idea that I’ve been floating around for a while now but I’d love to get the opinion from you, our readers, to see whether it’d be a good one or not. In short, the podcast would be focused on iPad-related news, opinions and apps. We’d rotate through our writers so you would get to hear a different voice and opinion each week and we’d have a weekly “hot theme” that we’d like to discuss, for example, the best way to read news on your iPad and so on.

If you could cast your vote in this week’s poll on the right then this would really help me judge how our readers will react to it and whether it will be a success or not. And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me on Twitter: @james_cull.

Many thanks!

There are several problems with traditional radio. One is that there is a limited number of frequencies available, and this limits the number of stations that you are able to pick up. It is something that has been addressed to some extent by digital radio, but it has not solved things completely.

Then, of course, there is Internet radio. This opened up a whole new world of listening opportunities and if you want to avoid having to navigate from one station’s web site to another, you’re going to need a dedicated app. This is exactly what TuneIn Radio is. (more…)

Podcast are an incredibly beneficial way to either gain entertainment or information. News, cooking, sports, and technology are amongst some of the common areas which are popular for podcasters but there is most likely a category to suit most users.

Instacast came on the market to help alleviate the troubles most users were experiencing when having to manually sync their podcasts using iTunes. After podcast clients started to gain in popularity, Apple split podcast out of the music app on iOS and created their own podcast app. Although many users are still not happy with the experience due to a lack of syncing between the iOS apps. Instacast version 3.0 was released recently which includes an update to the syncing mechanism and also an upgraded design. The app is universal now and changed away from the in-app purchase model which was in version 2.0. Let’s find out more after the jump.

Podcasts are always flowing through my headphones, and the list of excellent tech podcasts grows everyday. I relied on the native iOS music app to deliver my podcasts, but I found that the growing list was outgrowing the capabilities of the app. Sure, the native music app “supports” podcasts, but it does little to manage them. It’s frustrating to switch back and forth between the music app and iTunes to download more episodes, and streaming can only be done within iTunes. I needed a better podcast manager to tame the pile.

Downcast, by Jamawkinaw Enterprises is a highly customizable podcast manager that trumps the native music app’s feature set. There’s considerable competition in the podcast manager category, and today we’ll look at what features, if any, set this app apart from its competitors.


Instacast HD is a podcast app that is changing the face of podcast management. The app can find new podcasts to subscribe to, download or stream podcasts you are already subscribed to, allow you to listen to or view your podcasts, and access links in the show notes. It takes a feature that has not seen much love from Apple and makes it enjoyable again!

Some people may not realize that by ditching the iTunes methodology of podcast management there is so much more to gain in the podcast universe. The workflow to update podcasts either involves manually downloading the episode through the iTunes app on your iPad or syncing through iTunes on your Mac, which seems archaic….