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The iPad is a perfect medium for point-and-click adventure games, a genre that often plays out like visual novels with puzzles. There’s been a recent resurgence in adventure games, and developers are trying to tell stories in new and inventive ways.

The Silent Age, an episodic adventure game for iPad, is no exception. Using time jumps to alter the physical environment, the game relies on the player to make connections between what is, what was, and what will be. We’ll take a look at The Silent Age and see whether time can be rewritten. (more…)

When Telltale Games first announced plans to develop a video game adaptation of The Walking Dead, I was both excited and a bit skeptical. I mean, yeah, they’ve done it before with Back to the Future, which I thought was quite well done, but now we’re talking about The Walking Dead here! How could they possibly match the drama and suspense we’ve all come to know from the TV series?

As a huge fan of both The Walking Dead and Telltale’s adventure games in general, I decided to give the game a whirl and see for myself. The Walking Dead was first released on consoles and PCs earlier this year, but I wanted to hold off on purchasing the game until it was ported over to iOS — I just couldn’t resist the idea of being able to play on the go on the iPad’s Retina display. Was it worth the wait? Read on for more. (more…)