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Now, more than ever before, reminders are a necessity. Life is busy and it’s too easy to forget about what needs to be done. Apple finally brought their own solution to this problem by including the Reminders app as standard in iOS. Unfortunately, Reminders can leave some users wanting more and not being completely satisfied. NotifyMe aims to fill the gap for users who are left wanting more from the Reminders app.

NotifyMe adds more standard features than the reminders app on iOS. The app is accessible everywhere and allows for more customization including auto-snoozing, custom repeating patterns, pre-alerts and more. If you are looking for a more robust reminder system then read on to see if NotifyMe is right for you.


How do you keep track of the bills you have to pay, how much they are, and when they’re due? Perhaps you use sticky notes that you take down and throw away after paying a particular bill. Maybe your monthly expenses are noted in a spreadsheet where you can mark them off the list after putting the check in the mail. Or maybe, like me, you have recurring tasks in your calendar to pay each bill on the day that it’s due.

Some developers, I’ve noticed, tend to take the relatively mundane, day-to-day tasks that might be tedious or disorganized, and try to make performing them a more pleasant experience by designing an app to help you do it. Today, I’m going to talk about Bills On Your Table – one such app by the folks at PoweryBase designed to make the process of paying your bills that much more pleasant.