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The Omni Group is known for making some of the best productivity and organizational apps for the iPad, iPhone and Mac, including one of my favorites, OmniFocus for the iPad. Their latest release for the iPad is OmniOutliner, an organizational tool designed for creating outlines and organizational documents on the go.

So now the big question is, can The Omni Group pull off another success? Let’s take a look after the break and find out.


Throughout the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the iPad series, I’ve been subtly approaching things from the perspective of someone traveling for pleasure. Possibly an individual on a road trip, or maybe a family on a summer vacation.

But, there’s a large segment of the traveling population that isn’t exactly traveling for pleasure. They’re traveling for business.

Yup, I’m talking to you, weary road warrior. That guy who spends more time in airport terminals than in an office building. For you, advancements in technology have really been a godsend. The smaller and thinner and lighter the better, right? But you can’t sacrifice portability for power. And so for many, a laptop is really the only option. But before you drop $1000 on a shiny new MacBook Air or something, just hear me out. The iPad just might be perfect for you.

Let’s take a look at how to get down to business with the iPad.


Typing on the iPad is somewhat of a mixed blessing. Sure, you can hammer out a quick email or two, or maybe edit a quick document, but can you really use it to write a full article?

Well, I’m about to find out. That’s because right now, I’m writing this article in Essay, a word processing program for the iPad. But what makes this app different from the others is that it doesn’t focus on using Microsoft Word or Pages format, it uses HTML instead.

See how the experiment works by hitting that more link.


When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone in 2007, pundits thought he’d lost his mind launching a phone with just a touchscreen. Surely no one wanted to tap on glass all day! Then, the iPhone proved the pundits wrong, and even Blackberry launched a phone with an on-screen touch keyboard.

Last year, the iPad faced the same dilemma. People had come to accept typing on a touchscreen phone, but for a laptop-sized device, surely that wouldn’t cut it.

Then we got the iPad, and discovered that you could actually type quite fast on a full-sized touch screen. So much so, in fact, that many declared the iPad the perfect writing device!

So, is there still any need to get an external keyboard for your iPad? I’ve recently picked up an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard for mine, so keep reading to see what advantages a “real” keyboard brings to the iPad and whether it’s worth getting … or not.


While the iPad is hailed by many as a replacement for a small, portable computer, there’s one thing it doesn’t come out-of-the-box with: file management. The apps on the iPad are mostly a closed environment, not allowing for passing their files around to other apps (with a few exceptions) or even renaming or ordering them in some way.

There are a number of apps available aiming to fill this gap and today we’ll take a look at Zen Viewer, which prides itself as one of the most beautiful and practical file viewers, readers and organizers for the iPad.


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