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Let’s face it: the App Store teems with fast-paced games packed with action and suspense, especially on the iPad end of the spectrum because developers have so much space to use to their advantage. It’s all about the next new zombie game, or the arcade game that brings a new twist on an old classic. However, there are only so many of these games you can try out before they become stale.

KAMI gives a breath of fresh air to the gaming department by stripping away all the action and creating a laid-back, meditative gaming environment that can’t be found in many games these days. Does it compete with its action-packed competitors? Find out after the jump.

The reality of the world we live in today is one of complexity. The world has progressed so much that the complexity of things like our everyday technology or infrastructure seems elementary to us. In fact, it is quite hard for anyone these days to fathom a world without these luxuries, let alone the world at its conception.

In Doodle God HD, that simple world is at your disposal. Creation is at your finger tips, and it is you who crafts the world as you know it. Read more about the crazy world of Doodle God HD right after the jump.


Take a 15 by 15 grid and add one hundred tiles, each with a letter (excepting two blanks), whose distribution and point values were determined by performing frequency analysis from sources including the New York Times. What you have is a 75-year old word game, Scrabble®, that is the world’s second-best selling board game after Monopoly®. It is estimated that one-third of American homes has a Scrabble board.

It’s been one of the best-selling on iOS devices, since it was introduced, maintaining a position usually within the top 50 best selling apps. And now it has received a major revamp.


Candy Crush Saga made its much-anticipated iOS debut in November of last year after taking Facebook by storm. Since then, the game has gone from strength to strength, prompting developer to release a further two titles in the Saga series: Bubble Witch and Pet Rescue Saga.

Pet Rescue Saga looks set to perform as well as its predecessor, but is that because Pet Rescue Saga is merely Candy Crush Saga in disguise? Let us take a closer look.


I don’t spend a lot of time playing video games now, but when I do, it’s usually for short spurts on my iPad or iPhone (tell me you’ve never heard that one before). My favourite games on iOS are really simple and highly addictive (Letterpress, Hundreds and Rayman: Jungle Run, if you have to ask).

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a new simple and highly addictive game for both iPhone and iPad called Circles. It’s a memory-based game that tests both your physical and mental reflexes, and your scores (along with your short-term memory) can only improve while you play. Not only that, but like Letterpress, it uses Game Center for its multiplayer experience. Intrigued? Read on to find out whether or not Circles is a game worth investing in.


Back in 2011, iPad.AppStorm contributor James Watts compiled a list of 15 of the best freemium iPad games gracing the App Store at that moment in time. Since then, freemium has gone from strength to strength, prompting many more software companies to ditch the premium revenue model in favor of giving away the core functionality of an app for free.

Here, we have rounded up ten of the very best iPad games that sport this particular revenue model exceptionally well. Read on to discover iPad.AppStorm’s all-time freemium favorites!


Did you ever play the original Scribblenauts game for the DS? If so, you’ll love this. If you didn’t, you’ll like it even better.

Scribblenauts: Remix is a game that allows you to conjure any object in order to complete an equally imaginative set of objectives present across a large array of well-designed levels. It operates on the premise that the sky is the limit when it comes to how you want to complete a level. Read on to see if the iOS version retains the magic found in the DS versions.

I’ve been solving hidden object puzzles since I was maybe two. They’re old news. There are a lot of games in the App Store trying to reinvent the wheel on this one, turning them into adventure games or tying them to trivia, but at the end of the day I’m still finding a lasso at the base of the Eiffel Tower. That’s played out.

What’s not played out is cool graffiti monsters and robots bouncing through the air to peppy, electronic pop music. The creatures in Hidden Doodles are surprising, set in intricately drawn environments, and everything’s just a bit brighter than real life. We’re going to see if the gameplay can match all the rad art in Hidden Doodles.


Designing a successful adventure puzzler must be akin to perfecting an art form. If the game’s too difficult, then it becomes frustrating and the player immediately sets it aside. If the game’s too easy then the player whizzes through it and never gives it another thought. So, how do developers get it just right?

I’m not sure what magic formula the team at Colibri Games is using, but they are blazing a trail for others to follow. The Tiny Bang Story HD is a perfectly challenging adventure game featuring beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, five different chapters, dozens of mini brain teasers and an immersive storyline about a Tiny Planet that fell apart after being hit by a meteor. As you solve each puzzle, you’ll help rebuild the planet. Just remember: it won’t be easy.

Click “more” to take an in-depth look.


Ever since being launched in December 2009, Angry Birds has carved a name for itself in the gaming world. By combining comical graphics with addictive gameplay and chirpy idents, it’s become one of the most played and well-known games of its time. That’s a tough act to follow.

Instead of relying on that classic gameplay that we all know and love, Rovio’s taking a risk by putting out a completely different game mechanic using the anarchists of the franchise — the pigs. Is Bad Piggies a show-stopper like its predecessor, or will it be met by the incessant grunts of avian-diehards? Let’s find out. (more…)

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