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When it comes to doing some work on the move, the iPad has pretty much got you covered. There are so many different productivity apps out there on the App Store and the sheer range of stuff you can achieve using one is quite mesmerising. Regarding iPad office suites, there are a couple of choices out there, including Apple’s popular iWork suite (with Pages, Numbers and Keynote) and there’s chatter that Microsoft is going to release Office for iPad sometime towards the end of the year.

Today we are going to have a look at QuickOffice’s offering (which was recently acquired by Google, presumably to bring some of its features into its own cloud-based Google Docs service), known as QuickOffice Pro HD. Its website promises it to be the “FIRST and ONLY full-featured Microsoft Office productivity suite for iPad,” so I managed to grab a promotional code from the app’s developers for the purposes of a thorough test drive. Let’s see how it got on. (more…)