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It’s Productivity Month on iPad.AppStorm! Throughout July, we plan to share with you all our tips, tricks, apps and resources to help you both improve your iPad experience and work better and more productively!

Quip was released today. Yes, today. And so we thought we’d get straight to work reviewing the iPad version of this freshly released app, developed by the ex-Facebook CTO and co-founder of Google Maps Bret Taylor, for your reading pleasure.

The app lets you collaborate with other users on projects that you’re working on — it’s a sort of word processor/project manager/ messaging system all rolled into one neat package. Quip also has a lot more features and uses that certainly make it worth your time checking it out. So, when you’re ready, click more to read on.


The range of Twitter clients out there on the App Store is pretty extensive (for a comparison between some of the most common ones, check out my roundup from last October) and picking between them is quite difficult seeing as each one offers a different range of features, interfaces and customisation possibilities.

My favourite one (and the one I’m using at the moment) is Tweetbot as it offers such great variety in terms of features (including iCloud sync with my iPhone, which is an absolute lifesaver) and its generally simplistic yet powerful functionality. But now, in such a saturated market, there’s a new kid on the block.

Quip, which was released on May 31st by developers Glasshouse Apps (who are also the creators of The Early Edition, one of my favourite iPad news readers) is a new kind of Twitter client which focuses on your conversations and condenses your timeline down into a more manageable format.

I was lucky enough to snag a promotional code for Quip so let’s dive straight in and see whether it can knock Tweetbot off that top spot.