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Microsoft has been a little more forthcoming with developing iOS apps and, although Office for iOS is still but a pipe dream, the folks at Redmond have been busy working on apps such as OneNote, Xbox SmartGlass and SkyDrive.

Their latest release is Microsoft Remote Desktop, providing access to your Windows PC remotely from the comfort of your iOS device. It certainly isn’t the first remote access or screen sharing app for iOS and, up to now, there’s been a rather busy market for apps such as this. Things are about to change as Microsoft’s offering is not only free, it’s very easy to use and provides a great way to access your Windows PC remotely.


ElectricSlide is a really simple concept executed brilliantly. Anyone who has ever had to give a presentation will know how frustrating it is to move files around or to try out connections just to get your hard-crafted work displayed on a screen somewhere. How awesome would it be to simply turn up at a conference or a meeting and just press play on your iPad, and have it all presented perfectly and seamlessly over the resident Internet connection?

This is the promise of ElectricSlide, and it was with great enjoyment that I took this slick app out for a test-run to see what it could do, and if it lived up to the promise. Read on to see what I found.


Back in December of last year, Microsoft surprisingly released My Xbox LIVE, a companion app to its own Xbox 360 gaming console. The device mainly supported the console’s subscription service, Xbox LIVE, allowing you to view and manage things like your avatar and friends list.

In a recent update, the app received some pretty significant updates, introducing features to allow an Xbox to connect to an instance of My Xbox LIVE running on your iPad and consequently be able to control it. In this review, we’ll take a look at the app once more, especially the latest, console-controlling update. (more…)

Have you ever needed to access your home PC or Mac when out and about? What about your large video and/or music collection? Wouldn’t it be great to stream that directly to your iPad in your hotel while on holiday?

For out-and-about access to your home desktop, and all its multimedia files music and games, AVStreamer HD could just be what you need. Lets look in detail at some of the many possibilities this app provides after the jump. (more…)

Having to deal with multiple computers at work and home could be painstaking. You will have to have a bunch of important files in a portable drive or an online backup service like Dropbox to carry all your data. But what if there is just way too much data to be carried around or synced back to a cloud based service?

What if the data is too sensitive to carry around in thumb drives or to store in third party services? That’s when remote access comes to the rescue. Well known cloud computing company Wyse PocketCloud offers their PocketCloud app to securely access your desktop anytime and anywhere from your iOS (and Android) devices. Follow me after the fold to set up remote access to your desktop.


We recently reviewed Screens; a solid VNC client for iOS. Josiah Oakley found it to be a powerful and lightening quick application for accessing your computer remotely, even commenting that:

Screens is the ultimate VNC client for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch!

In the interest of competition, and to provide robust coverage of the apps in this category, I’m going to take a look at LogMeIn Ignition; a flexible, formidable, and ultimately useful app for gaining remote access. Read on to get an overview of LogMeIn’s most powerful features and see whether it merits its price tag!