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I remember quite clearly how the iPad’s initial release went down in 2010. I told my wife that there was no way I’d buy one because what was the point? And then, a few months later when the 3G model came out to the public, there I was in line to buy one.

I loved that iPad, and the two that followed in my household, an iPad 2 and an iPad mini. But for me, the mini was where it was at, it was just missing that Retina display. Now that the iPad mini has the fabled screen and is available to the public, is it worth the purchase? (more…)

On Friday, Apple’s latest and greatest iPad launched in ten countries around the globe. If you were one of the lucky people to pre-order one online before they sold out, or if you happened to make your way through the lines at retail stores, then you’ve seen the “resolutionary” Retina display that the device touts.

But what good is such a display without apps that are prepared for it? In this article, I’m going to show you twelve apps that are completely optimized for your new iPad’s beautiful 2048 by 1536 pixel display, taking advantage of every last pixel. Read on for the roundup!


If the past is any indicator we’re coming up on the iPad’s next refresh. While we didn’t get a so-called Retina Display with the iPad 2, my gut (and other’s brains) lead me to believe that we’ll get something this year that can fill that hole in many people’s hearts.

Instead of discussing how this might affect users or developers, I want to take a look at how this will affect everyone, through one simple factor: price.


Last week we ran a poll entitled “What Are You Most Excited About in 2012?” The response was great, but relatively unsurprising. People want to see what the next generation of both the iPad and the iPhone looks like!

There has been a huge amount of speculation surrounding Apple making a new move in the television market, and that showed up in the polls – there was also concrete interest in a potential Apple Television. However, today I want to look at a few of the reasons I’m personally excited about the new iPad…


This week, developers ripped apart the code of the beta release of iOS 5.1 and found a reference to two possible new Apple products: the long-awaited iPhone 5 and iPad 3. With the chatter ramping up on what features the new reincarnation of the world’s most popular tablet computer will contain, I’ve rounded up the top 10 features I would love to see on the new iPad.


Last week I was asking about what you’d like most about having a retina display on your iPad, this week I like to know whether you think the next iPad will actually have one?

Many people, and sites, have speculated for a while that the retina display would be a sure thing for the ‘iPad 3’ – but what do you think? Perhaps we’re underestimating the difficulty there is in creating a screen of that quality that fits the iPad?

Maybe retina display is misleading as we won’t be getting the full increase in pixels, what if there is an increase but it’s not the the full retina resolution?

There’s plenty of reason to believe that one day we’ll have retina display iPads, but the next iteration? If you have any thoughts on the matter then we’d love to hear them, just comment below the post!

Earlier this week Nathaniel Mott took a look at the difference a retina display on the iPad would make, and made some great points.

He noted that:

All in all, I believe that the Retina Display-equipped iPad would be a game changer across the board.

I’m intrigued to find out what the readers of AppStorm think will be the best thing about a retina display iPad! Will it be the stunning quality of the films you have or the incredible potential for gaming?

Are you looking forward to reading books that look so real you can’t tell the difference? Or is it the scope there is for professional photo editing?

We’d love to know what you’re most looking forward to! It’s pretty certain that at some point we’ll get an iPad with a retina display, and we’re unlikely to look back, but what will be the best thing about it?

Ever since the Retina Display was unveiled on the iPhone 4, one question has been on everyone’s mind: when is it coming to the iPad? One of the most-rumored features of the iPad 2 was this high-resolution display, and many (including myself) were disappointed that this wasn’t the reality.

With the iPad 2’s release almost a year ago, we’re due for an upgrade some time late winter or early spring. I’m willing to bet that the next iPad will have a high-resolution display, and I’d like to talk to you about how such a display would make my favorite device even better!


When the first iPad was announced in 2010, the reaction was a mix of excitement and criticism. The major complaints were the lack of any USB ports, a camera, the ability to multi-task, and the absence of support for Adobe Flash content.

In 2011, the iPad 2 added some of those features and an estimated 29 million iPads have been sold in the two years since the release of the original iPad – as Apple silenced the critics.

I decided it’s never too early to begin speculating about the future. Now that Apple has once again revolutionized a product line and put themselves firmly in first place, what can they do to improve with the iPad 3 and leave competitors struggling to keep up?