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On Friday, Apple’s latest and greatest iPad launched in ten countries around the globe. If you were one of the lucky people to pre-order one online before they sold out, or if you happened to make your way through the lines at retail stores, then you’ve seen the “resolutionary” Retina display that the device touts.

But what good is such a display without apps that are prepared for it? In this article, I’m going to show you twelve apps that are completely optimized for your new iPad’s beautiful 2048 by 1536 pixel display, taking advantage of every last pixel. Read on for the roundup!


Gaming on the iPad has come leaps and bounds in the last year, the iPad 2 has had a huge impact on the quality of games made for the platform. The imminent (seriously, announcement in a couple of hours) next iPad will definitely feature a faster processor, and almost certainly an upgrade in RAM. Combine these improvements with the touted retina display and you have a delicious recipe for another leap forwards in iPad gaming.

I’m excited about what the next year will hold for the iPad in terms of gaming, and fascinated to see how well the Playstation Vita fares – a device that’s moving ever closer to being an iPad with classic gaming buttons!

To celebrate gaming on the iPad, I’ve compiled a short roundup of games that I’m betting you won’t be able to resist!


The iPad is a wonderful machine, but do you ever find yourself stuck when someone asks you to show them what it can do? You end up showing them Reeder and Mail, apps you use everyday that, while great, don’t truly show off the potential of the iPad!

This is a roundup of apps that are guaranteed to make your friends’ mouths hang open in awe, designed to take full advantage of the amazing things the iPad is capable off. Get ready…


Apple’s recent moves towards making the iPad an even better educational tool have highlighted again the incredible scope there is for developers in the education category of the App Store. The introduction of iBooks 2 and iBooks Author has shown just how committed Apple is to getting iPads into schools, the market for education apps is only going to grow!

There is already a veritable ocean of excellent educational apps for the iPad, apps that make learning engaging, enjoyable, and exciting! Learning is something that should never be disregarded, many of these apps are perfectly suited for those who are now learning purely for enjoyment.

Get ready to be fascinated!


We all want to get the very best out of our devices! Who doesn’t love finding out a new trick or shortcut?

This roundup aims to enlighten those new to the iPad, and guide old hands to a few new tricks – the heading might be laced with hyperbole, but you’re going to have a look anyway…

For those of you who are super-confident about your iPad knowledge, I’d like to propose a challenge. Go through and see how many features and shortcuts you didn’t know about, leave a comment with the number at the bottom of the post – and be honest!


Whether you’re a freelance designer, or the head of a multi-national corporation, it’s possible to get a great deal of work done on your iPad! It may not be your first choice, but for those occasions when taking your iMac on the train seems like a pain, having your iPad prepared will seem like an inspired move.

Dive right in to get a rundown of some of the very best business apps available! You know you need this…


This roundup may not be what you’re expecting.

The phrase ‘curious minds’ is used almost exclusively in reference to children, but I’m reclaiming it! I think it’s a shame that we don’t place more value in curiosity, that it’s not encouraged as a positive trait in our society. Curiosity goes hand in hand with imagination and inspiration, if only more people were interested in understanding and experiencing new things – imagine what creativity and invention there is to be unlocked!

Vaguely philosophical points aside, here’s a collection of great apps for the curious mind – dive in and get excited!


It’s easy to get lost in the iPad gaming market. More than any other type of app, there are tons and tons of games, and even more of them coming out every day. We all know and have played the usual games that everybody buys: Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Cut The Rope. But what about the more immersive, time-consuming games? All of the games I mentioned are great, but what about the other great games that are out there?

This roundup is of games that are a little deeper than those – 15 awesome games for your iPad!


Ever find yourself in need of some great artistic inspiration – find Google images really isn’t cutting it for you? Need a great image for that project you’re working on? Sites abound online for discovering photography. The iPad, however, remains one of my favorite photo discovery devices. Stay tuned for some great applications for finding that perfect photo!


Looking around the App Store can be good way to find new apps, but more often than not it’s relatively unproductive, and we’ve already discussed how bad Genius is…

Recommendations from friends are a good way to go, as is getting stuck into your favourite app publication (AppStorm, right?). What would you say if I could offer you the best of both worlds?

Well, you’re in luck. Today we have an awesome compilation of iPad app recommendations from AppStorm writers and editors – read on and enjoy!


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