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So, Christmas is nearly here, the trees are going up, and the presents have been bought – they have haven’t they?

I would imagine that more than a few people will be waking up to the delightful surprise of an iPad waiting under the tree! Unwrapping it is a joy in itself, the wrapping paper and ribbons being only the start – I’d bet on Apple having a whole team employed to design their packaging, making sure each and every device looks at its tantalising best on first opening…

But, what next? The standard apps are all good and well, but it disappoints me when people don’t delve a bit deeper. Here is a guide to the essential apps to download on Christmas morning, the good, the great, and the downright amazing!

This is one to bookmark for your loved ones, a place to send them once the grand unwrapping is complete!


There are so many cool ways to celebrate the Holidays on your iPad. From holiday classics to delicious recipes, it’s all availible thanks to great app developers. Whether you are big on holidays, have children, are a child at heart, or just want to get extra holiday spirited, let these apps get you in the mood.

The Holidays are here! Let’s get your iPad ready to celebrate with these great apps! What are you waiting for, dive in…


It’s getting near the end of 2011, so I thought it would be fitting to follow Apple’s lead and look at a few of the best apps from the past year! Apple’s App Store Rewind 2011 touts two grand winners, one ‘iPad App of the Year’ and one ‘iPad Game of the Year’, alongside several selections in all 21 categories – I’m going to pick out some of our favourites!

If you like what you read, it’s definitely worth getting crazy excited about our upcoming end-of-year roundup – 2011: The AppStorm Picks!


It’s here, this is the big one. The definitive roundup of those most crucial of apps; task management apps. Most of us, me included, wouldn’t get anything done without them – they help us manage our daily lives, and provide the key to massively increased productivity.

Who doesn’t want to be more productive?

If you haven’t settled on “the one” yet, or have even the smallest sliver of doubt about your current system, then have no fear – this is what you’ve been waiting for! I’ll take a brief look at the different styles of task management available, and what types of people they suit. Each app will then get its moment in the limelight, and we’ll look at what separates each from the competition.

Screenshots and icons will abound, take a deep breath, here goes!


If you are like me, you thrive on music to get you through the day. However, when you need new tunes most of us turn to word of mouth, and get our friends involved! But what if there was a better solution? What if your iPad could help you out! With these awesome apps we can discover, listen, and share these new tunes! In this roundup we have apps to help you discover and listen to new music!

So, if you are ready to rock out with new music, read this roundup and get inspired!


It’s completely wrong to think of your iPad as just a device to browse a few internet sites and kill some evil green pigs using angry red birds. There is a whole array of fantastic utilities out there in the App Store that can turn your iPad into a powerful (though slightly cumbersome) Swiss Army knife.

Here are the top 10 utilities that I couldn’t do without!


We all love to beautify our devices, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by loading it up with some gorgeous wallpapers. If you’re looking for iPad wallpaper delights, then this is the roundup you’ve been waiting for!

I’ve noticed that most people use different images for the Lock Screen and the Home Screen, something I certainly do myself. It’s down to personal taste, but most people want something outstanding and striking for their Lock Screen, and something more abstract and simple for the Home Screen – you don’t want it to look a mess!

Here is a massive roundup of some awesome wallpapers, divided into striking and fascinating images for your Lock Screen, and more abstract and textured images for your Home Screen.

Let’s dive right in!


Autumn is beginning to set in and for anyone who’s still pursuing education in any form, now is the time that it begins to drag. In an effort to help all those at high school, and show the rest of us just how intriguing the iPad can be, I have compiled a list of excellent educational apps that will go a long way to enlivening your learning!

If you know anyone who is struggling to get engaged with their school work, or just needs a little boost, make sure they have an iPad (maybe buy them one) and then send them here…

Let’s dive into the depths of human knowledge and understanding!


Business is becoming increasingly global. Never before has there been so much pressure on executives, from big corporations to cottage industries, to be mobile. Portable computers have facilitated this until now but the iPad provides the opportunity for easier, less encumbered travel.

Let us look at the apps that could make iPad the businessperson’s ideal travel companion without compromising on the functionality of a laptop.


Whether you’re new to owning an iPad, or a seasoned pro, it’s always enjoyable to find great new apps! While no list can claim to be comprehensive or exhaustive, this list of fantastic iPad apps should satiate even the most ravenous of appetites.

This is a roundup of simply the best iPad apps around, you need look no further. I’m going to include the old favourites, there’s a reason they’re favourites, but I’m also going to try and shine some light on some fantastic apps that may have flown under the radar.

Let’s dive right in!


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