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It’s been a long time since I owned a Nintendo system that I actually used (that old Gamecube still works though), but I have really fond memories of some of the games I used to play. I get cravings for a few of them on iOS: namely, Mario Kart, Super Mario 64 (if Nintendo made that happen I’d die), and a Legend of Zelda game.

Well, with Oceanhorn, my request for the latter has been answered with a fantastic adventure RPG that pulls out all the stops in an effort to amaze me. And amaze me it has, to the point where Oceanhorn has absolutely become my game of the year. Read on to find out what makes Oceanhorn a must-play experience.


Role-playing games are a time-tested classic and one of my favourite video game genres. When you think of good RPGs, the first thing that springs to mind isn’t usually mobile devices, however, that assumption can be put to one side once you try out Pocket Legends for iPad.

Pocket Legends is the most featured RPG and the largest MMO out there for the iPad. I was a bit of a skeptic when I was first told about it; with no price tag, the deal seemed to good to be true. Rest assured though, it has a lot to offer for RPG fans. Lets see what makes this game as good as it is. (more…)

If there was one game I never understood growing up, it was the 2D overhead Zelda games on the original NES and SNES. I never thought they were bad, but they weren’t for me. As much as I liked the idea of attacking bizarre creatures with a sword, I preferred the side-scrolling world of Mario to Zelda any day of the week.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover Swordigo. Swordigo is a universal iOS game that is basically a combination of the RPG world of Zelda and the side-scrolling world of Mario. You’ll jump, run and attack your way through multiple worlds of side-scrolling, shore-wielding action. And I think it’s a blast.


God of Blades is exactly the sort of game I would have died for when I was thirteen years old. At that time, The Return of the King was a hit movie and smacking things around with swords was top priority for any guy my age. It’s also around that time that God of War came out on PS2. It was a cool time to like swords.

In that sense, God of Blades feels a little bit nostalgic for me. I feel a little bit like I’m revisiting my youth. But the older part of me — the part that prefers Letterpress over hacking and slashing — really disagrees.


In July of 2011, independent developer Supergiant Games introduced Bastion to Xbox Live gamers. It brought a world of unique RPG fun to the platform with a great story and superb graphics. A month later, the developer released Bastion for PC via Steam, followed by its debut on the Chrome Web Store in December and the Mac App Store in April of this year. This month, the game has made its way to the iPad.

Boasting the same artistic graphics and exciting gameplay, Bastion aims to bring an amazing console and computer game to tablets. Is this edition worthy of all the high praise the game has received elsewhere? I’m going to take a full look at the game as if I’ve never played it before, so join me to find out. (more…)

I install, and delete, many games from my iPad. There are some that look interesting at first glance, others that are enjoyable for a moment and then quickly tossed aside, and even more that I download just to expand my horizons and end up deleting and returning to my safe haven. I decided to branch out with Kingdom Rush for the iPad, and I was a bit worried at what the outcome might be; would I enjoy this tower-building strategy game, or would it end up in the trash?

Thankfully, it’s the former. Here’s why.


For better or worse, there is no bigger name in Japanese role-paying games than Final Fantasy. Originally debuting on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Final Fantasy series has jumped from console to console for decades.

Now Final Fantasy III has arrived on the iPad. While Japanese players got the original game in 1990, Final Fantasy III didn’t hit the states until 2006 and is only available on the Nintendo DS, Virtual Console, and iPad. Is the game worth a twenty year wait? Did it survive the jump to the iPad? Let’s find out.


There are two types of “RPGs”: rocket-propelled grenades, and role-playing games. As I’m not in a great position to write about the explosive weapon, I’ll focus on the latter. The RPG genre has a lot to offer in the realm of iOS, and is in a great position to exploit the visual capabilities of the iPad. Read on for a roundup that features 15 stunning iOS-exclusive RPGs!