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The revolutionary teamLabBody-3D Motion Human Anatomy- shows in incredible detail the inside of a human body. Starting in 1998, the researchers based in the Osaka University Orthopaedic Biomaterial Science Laboratory have imaged 827 individual body elements in full 3D using state of the art CT and MRI imaging. With help from Professor Kazuomi Sugamoto, they have developed a new approach to image living human bodies, and record their muscular skeletal movement and range. This movement differs from that of previously living examples, and this pioneering field of research is brought to life through this iPad app.

Capturing the internal motion of a living human — and visualising this in glorious 3D — has resulted in a beautiful and insightful application. Useful for education, analysis, diagnosis and after-care for patients, it is well worth a look if you are a practising medical professional, and is a wonderful curiosity even if you’re not.