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I’ve been writing screenplays for a couple of years now, and the biggest disappointment I had with my iPad was the fact that I could never find a great way to write screenplays with it. And it’s not that I’m too picky, it’s more like Hollywood is very particular about the script formats they will accept. I’ve tried just about every solution under the sun — there are at least seven different apps on my iPad that I attempted to write screenplays with — but until recently, there was no solution that simply worked the way it should have.

Enter Final Draft Writer for iPad. For the uninitiated, Final Draft is the film industry’s accepted writing standard for computers. Not unlike Microsoft Word for many professional writers, every screenwriter that makes a living in LA uses it and has a love-hate relationship with it at the same time. It also has its own proprietary file extension (.fdx) that makes it very difficult to use anything other than Final Draft for screenwriting. The people behind Final Draft have been promising an iPad app for a long time, and with one reviled exception, failed to provide. Now it’s finally here, and there’s only one question on every screenwriter’s mind: was it worth the wait? (more…)