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Music is often seen as the art-form that most frequently utilizes the cutting edge of modern technology in its performance. Most popular modern-day musicians are as reliant on Logic Studio as they are on a recording studio, and as skilled at operating arpeggiators as they are at playing arpeggios.

But if you are a musician of the more traditional type, the outlook is somewhat different. Instrument design has been adapted only marginally in three hundred years, and most dedicated musicians still go to music shops to buy manuscript in print. Why? Because, as yet, technology simply hasn’t been able to compete with the usability of paper. The opportunity to scribble notes on the music, the ease of page turning, and, of course, the lack of concern over battery life, remain as factors that trump any conveniences technology has to offer.

What if an app could solve some of these issues? That’s what Tonara is aiming to do. Along with a large library of purchasable music, Tonara offers performance recording, automatic page turning and manuscript annotation. But is this enough to outweigh the benefits of the traditional, tried and tested medium?


As a student, I am always on the go jumping from class to class, or hopping the bus to get across campus. My schedule does not work in tandem with my compositional desires. I used to revert to my voice recorder to try to grab any kind of melody that would pop into my head, until I met Symphony Pro for the iPad.

Symphony Pro is a fully-fledged music notation app designed exclusively for the iPad. With the portability of Apple’s tablet device, and the ease of use of iOS, let’s see how anyone can sit down and notate professional-looking sheet music on the go.


I’ve been a guitarist for about 12 years now. As many guitarists who started polishing their chops during the digital age will agree, we spend a lot of time on guitar tablature websites learning how to play songs. Unfortunately, tab sites (much like lyrics sites) are plagued with pop-ups, banners, ads, and just about every other “worst thing on the Internet.”

Songsterr breathes new life into the quest to learn music on the Internet. In addition to a well-designed website that’s free of the blight found elsewhere, they’ve also developed an iPad app, proving once again that the iPad is taking the things we’re used to and changing the way we do them. No longer will aspiring guitarists sit in an uncomfortable, armed desk chair and carefully pluck their strings while trying not to hit the desk with their guitar. Songsterr for iPad lets you take your guitar rehearsal anywhere (where there’s Wi-Fi). So, how does it perform?