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I want to get a good deal, but it’s a hard job checking prices on that one thing you want at every store. Or maybe you don’t have a single product in mind, just a good idea of the kind of thing you want, and you need to narrow it down. Comparing from one site to another can be a big pain.

It sure would be nice to get all of that into one place, right? Gush has done that with a simple shopping app that gathers all of your favorite online stores and the stuff they sell into a single app. We’ll try it out and see if it’s really any easier than keeping fifty tabs of smart TV potential buys open in your browser. (more…)

The Internet has brought a new wave of shopping to users. More of my friends prefer to shop at than go to walk down the street to the local outlets. I even bought nearly all my Christmas gifts for friends online, whether it was from the aforementioned superstore or eBay. Since everything is usually in stock when you need it — with the exception of Apple Inc. products — and it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for, there’s no reason to shop places like Wal-Mart anymore. Even pricing is better online, for the most part.

But with this radical movement comes a price: you can’t be drawn in by walking down the street anymore. There are no shelves to browse in the digital world; you just type in what you’re looking for. I’ve found that, on at least, it’s hard to discover things for people. With all the filters, categories, and confusing organizing tactics that the Seattle, Wash.-based company uses, browsing has been redefined, if not lost. has hope, though. It has an app called Windowshop, and it hopes you’ll find a new way to shop from your iPad. Let’s take a look. (more…)

A month or so ago, Pose launched its native app made specifically for the iPad. Pose has iPhone and Android native apps as well; the iPhone app was already reviewed at iPhone.AppStorm.

Pose is a photo sharing app for outfits. Users take a snapshot of their outfit and tag it with brand and designer details. You can also discover other people poses and even shop from within the app. Pose has a considerable users’ adoption; more than 10 thousands poses are being added to the platform everyday. (more…)

This is the third installment in our Buyer’s Guide series, in which we try to lay out what kinds of things you should buy for your iPad; or, in spirit of the season, what you can get for the person who already owns the most-wanted gift of the year!

This week we’re going to look at some of the most interesting accessories you can get for your iPad. They may not fit easily into categories but are definitely worth a look! Read on for your own personalized gift guide.


While the iPad would be an excellent gift for anyone in the family, what do you get someone that already has one? They’ve got that shiny new toy that does just about everything, and they’ve made it harder to shop for them.

AppStorm is here to the rescue. We’ve compiled a list of items and apps that can extend the functionality of the iPad using one of its greatest features: AirPlay.


Internet shopping has become a way of life for many people. Especially as it’s easier than ever to shop while on the go with sites like eBay and Amazon having mobile apps. Keeping track of your deliveries is entirely another matter. Scraps of paper, or maybe even a folder or label in your inbox are what most people probably resort to. The problem is compounded if you’re an eBay seller as you’ll need to keep track of outgoing packages as well.

I first heard about Delivery Status a few years ago when it was just a free Dashboard widget for Mac. When it became a fully-fledged iPhone app, I couldn’t resist buying it. It’s now available on iPad too, but is it worth the money and does it really make keeping track of your deliveries any easier? Read on to find out…