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iPads look stunning thanks to their aluminum back and glass façade. Nevertheless, these materials can easily be scratched and dented either after a drop or after a few months of strained usage. Protecting your iPad from these unwanted rubs and itches is important — not only to preserve its original appearance, but also to make it easier to resell in the future.

However, choosing the right cover and case can be overwhelming, given the number of options available on the market. To make it even more complicated, some products only cover part of your iPad, others won’t let you use it while it’s in the case and many aren’t compatible with Apple’s Smart Cover functionality. In order to make this selection process easier for you, we’ve picked an all-in-one case that many consider to be one of the best iPad cases available, and also one of the most affordable on the market: The KHOMO Super Slim Dual.

Last week, I asked you what kind of case you used on your iPad, but after the fact I started thinking about cases as a whole. With my original iPad, I never used a case — I still don’t, unless I’m packing it for a trip. With the new iPad, I find my Smart Cover to be part of the reason that it’s so functional. But what about you? Do you use a case on your iPad or do you keep it au naturale? Let us know in the poll to the right!

When I bought my new iPad, I knew that I wanted a Smart Cover, no question about it. But then I got to the Apple Store and saw the Smart Case for the first time and wondered if it would work better for my needs. My wife prefers a sleeve case for her iPad, while other family members like traditional cases. So what flavor of case do you prefer? Let us know in the poll to the right!

Just a few days ago, we ran a post where Joel covered the unprecedented explosion of the iPad case market. More than any other device in history, the iPad has an entire industry dedicated to cases, bags, stands, and many other variants.

Also, the iPad’s unique intended use (somewhere between a computer and a phone) and its support for additional utility (such as bluetooth keyboards) makes the device particularly susceptible to the development of cases/stands that do more than just protect the glass and aluminum.

Especially since the iPad 2, I’ve noticed that many case-makers are designing cases and covers that have the potential to drastically impact the way you use the device. From Smart Covers to waterproof sleeves, these cases let you take the iPad places you couldn’t before, and do things that were previously reserved for laptop computers. “Surely there can’t be that many of these cases!” I hear you clamor. Well buckle up, because here comes an assortment of useful, unique, and just plain outlandish iPad and iPad 2 cases that can change the way you use your device.


Last month we ran an intriguing poll that simply asked what type of iPad case you used, and the results got me thinking. The success of the iPad has allowed an almost laughably vast industry to grow up simply providing cases and covers of all shapes and sizes, covering every possible need while allowing you to spend up to $4,900 (for an iPad case made from the finest alligator skin) in the process.

No other item I can think of has caused such a strong bout of case-fever. Even the Nokia 3310 only had one actual type of case, albeit in an almost unwaveringly disgusting smorgasbord of colours and designs. The clearest thing that was highlighted by the poll is the surprisingly even spread of cases people owned and used, there seemed to be no clear consensus on the ‘best’ way to protect, carry, and augment the iPad.

I decided to give it some thought…


Whenever a new technology comes along, be it completely original, or an improvement of an existing invention – it’s never too long before people find ingenious new ways to use it. Such is the case with the Smart Cover.

The best ones make the new technology look even better, and can sometimes change its focus in the long run. While this isn’t directly the case for Evernote Peek, it must be said that it’s a brilliant concept – simply peek under the cover to prepare for a quiz, practice a language or strengthen your memory.

Lets take a look at the newest creation from the ever-productive people at Evernote and see whether it’s a nice gimmick or a truly useful addition to your iPad.


When the Smart Cover was announced during the iPad 2 event back in March, it made quite a stir. That Apple would integrate a cover so seamlessly with the iPad, highlighted just how vital Apple knew the cover to be, particularly in the wider uptake of their beloved tablet.

Any immediate review of the Smart Cover would have been unavoidably glowing, the simplicity and intuitive design would have made it difficult to make any observations past the obvious. With the first delightful click of the magnets ringing in your ears, each word would be another awed utterance about the ingenuity of the Smart Cover.

This is why I waited. The Smart Cover is a wholly practical addition to the iPad, you really need to live with it to truly evaluate its strengths and flaws. Read on to discover if the Smart Cover lives up to its tremendous fanfare.