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Back in 2011, iPad.AppStorm contributor James Watts compiled a list of 15 of the best freemium iPad games gracing the App Store at that moment in time. Since then, freemium has gone from strength to strength, prompting many more software companies to ditch the premium revenue model in favor of giving away the core functionality of an app for free.

Here, we have rounded up ten of the very best iPad games that sport this particular revenue model exceptionally well. Read on to discover iPad.AppStorm’s all-time freemium favorites!


There’s a huge market for word games on iOS. My family is addicted to Letterpress, and my mother is having a not-so-secret-anymore affair with Words With Friends (sorry Mom!). That being said, despite its excellence, Letterpress and I aren’t exactly mutually exclusive, and if I see another hot word game app whilst I’m goofing around in a coffee shop, I might give her a shot.

And I can’t lie to you guys: Upwords has caught my eye. I’m a big Scrabble fan (disclaimer: I’ve never played the traditional Upwords game). I love the board game but have yet to play a Scrabble-like word game on iOS that I think works well. After all, the trappings of Scrabble are the trappings of a board game and I see no reason a digital display should be bound by the same rules. But I loved the twist Upwords brings to the classic game of stackable letters.


Achoo! Looks like someone’s coming down with a serious case of the swine flu. Well, at least a case of allergies. The rest of your community may stay away from you, but little do they know that you’re the one who will save them from the wrath of monsters that are out to get them.

While the plot line of Gesundheit! HD is somewhat disgusting, the game has received tons of praise. But what is so telling about a game where an allergy-ridden pig is the protagonist?  Find out what makes Gesundheit! HD award-winning after the break.


Despite the many technological and social advances made so far in the 21st century, there are some areas in the entertainment industry seemingly undergoing a period of stagnation. The number of rehashes and remakes of classic film and gaming brands is ever increasing with largely mixed-to-negative results. Such failures beg the question of whether original works can be bettered? If Conquist 2 is anything to go by there may be hope yet.

Military strategy games have always been amongst my favourites, whether it be the classic board game Risk or the legendary Command & Conquer series. Conquist 2 takes direct influence from the former, Risk, boldly mimicking the title’s famous premise and daring to try and better it. Can it succeed? Or is another rehash destined to fail? Stick around to find out more! (more…)

Ahoy there, me hearties! Today, I be reviewin’ Plunder! HD, the latest in a string o’ apps developed by Big Fish Games, Inc. Sail the seven seas wi’ Cap’n Light Leg John an’ company on their search fer booty. Sink thy enemy, pillage treasure, an’ escape the clutches o’ the Royal Navy, but beware the tentacled beast from below. Arrr!

OK, enough of the pirate talk. Let’s get down to business. (more…)

The zombie apocalypse has arrived, and yes, they want your brains. The only thing that separates you from the wrath of the hungry zombies is the span of your lawn. You need protection, and you need it quick. The solution? Plants.

In Plants vs. Zombies HD, you will have to ward off swarms upon swarms of zombies as they flood in mercilessly. However, you may survive by utilizing plants that are seemingly bred for the sole purpose of warding off zombies. Find out more about this addicting strategy game after the break. (more…)

Most avid players of action games know how to use hand grenades. The little throwable explosives make titles of the first person shooter genre much more enjoyable and provide for an exit where there often isn’t one. There are even smoke emitting models that manufacture temporary refuge. Typically though, grenades aren’t used extensively — they’re just a secondary weapon. This is not so in Fragger HD, an Adobe Flash classic from the early 2000s recently brought to the iPad.

Developed by Miniclip, the creator of the original, the iPad game aims to entertain. Does it live up to such ambitions? (more…)

Slay for iPad is worth your time.

I do mean to be bold, because to look at in iTunes, you might skip it by. This deceptively simple looking game is highly addictive, very easy to get into and most enjoyable. I will be very surprised if you’re not genuinely impressed by the gameplay. If you’re not convinced yet, read the detailed review to get a taste of the game. (more…)

Beginning with the well received Shogun: Total War, the Total War games franchise has grown over the past twelve years to become one of the most popular turn-based strategy games on the scene, spawning such classics as Rome Total War and breathing new life into the genre due to its combination of typical turn-based game elements with real-time battle scenes and a gripping, often historically accurate narrative.

Little wonder then that Total War fans have been salivating to get their hands on Total War Battles: Shogun, a version of Total War designed specifically for iPad. As with all such complex titles however, concerns remain as to whether the game is well suited to the iPad’s unique form. Let’s see if SEGA have nailed it.


I am a board game fiend. When most kids were playing video games and watching TV, my family was having board game championships. We would dig out all of our favorites, and crown an overall champ. Now that I’m a college graduate, I don’t get quite as many chances to play board games.

I don’t get to go home and visit and spend hours with my mom reconnecting and playing Parcheesi. That means, that when I find a great board game app for my iPad, I’m in Heaven. That’s definitely the case with my new favorite, Ticket to Ride. Read on to find out more …


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