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The New York Times was one of the earliest iPad adopters. So early in fact, that they were able to show off their app alongside the device itself at it’s January 2010 introduction. Since then, the New York Times has continued to be an excellent example of print media adopting new and emerging digital platforms.

However, in early October, the New York Times did something a little different. They launched an “experimental” HTML5 web app for select subscribers that could very well replace the native offering in the App Store. Let’s take a look at the New York Times’ release and what it means for web apps as a platform. (more…)

The magazine industry will readily acknowledge that it hasn’t adapted well to the digital landscape. To try and play catch-up, some of the biggest publishers in the game have teamed and created Next Issue.

Next Issue functions much like Apple’s Newsstand by aggregating digitized versions of print content. But unlike Newsstand, all the magazines in Next Issue are available within one app, so you don’t have to hop from one application to another to read your favorite rags.

It’s a great idea with lots of promise, but one big issue hinders it from reaching its full potential. Let’s talk about it after the break.  (more…)

As much as the iPad is touted as a great portable content creation device, it still makes a stellar video player. In fact, I watch more video content on my iPad than any other device, including my TV, and most of that comes from independent sources like YouTube channels and blogs.

Denso is a video consumption, discovery and organisation app, allowing you to watch content from more than 250 different sources from around the web, all in one place. With Denso, you can subscribe to channels of content to be watched back in a continuous, auto-playing playlist and even downloaded to be watched later. Read on to see just how good it is!