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Asking fans of Propellerhead’s Reason software what keeps them coming back, you’ll hear a lot of answers about how modular it is, how creatively inspiring…but you’ll also hear about Thor.

The flagship synth has been the heart and soul of Reason since its introduction in version 4 of the desktop software, and now we can harness that power wherever we go with Thor for iPad. But does the mobile music world have room for another synth? We put Thor through its paces to find out!


I think it’s safe to say that my collection of iPad synthesizers is becoming ridiculous. It can’t be helped though, as more and more inspiring instruments are released for everyone’s favourite tablet.

Most recently, the venerable German audio gurus, Waldorf, have distilled their famous wavetable synthesis technology into a modern, elegant, and incredibly powerful iPad app called Nave. Hugely anticipated in the audio community, we’re excited to dig into Nave’s capabilities and see what we find!


One of my favorite genres of iPad apps and one that gets very little love, all things considered, is music creation apps. The large touch screen has the potential to be very useful in the studio, as well as a platform for unique instruments and creation interfaces that can’t necessarily be recreated elsewhere.

If you’re interested in electronic music, you’ve no doubt heard the name Moog, one of the most prolific names in synthesizers. Today I’m going to talk about the new synthesizer app that they designed specifically for iPad: Animoog. Animoog is built on the company’s new Anisotropic Synth Engine, which is designed (in contrast to ‘isotropic’) to allow you to construct fluidly dynamic soundscapes in a highly customizable X/Y environment. I could go on, but unless you’ve studied synthesizers in detail, this is probably a bunch of gobbledegook. Hit the jump to check out more of the good stuff!