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I’m a fan of getting things done apps, and I have more than one on my iPad. That’s not just because I like them so much, though. One app never seems to have all of the features I want, and I want to create the best task management solution, piecemeal. I’m trying out Todoist, because it seems to have some features I’ve been looking for but haven’t been able to pin down. Will it be all I need in a single app? We’ll see after the jump. (more…)

I’m reluctant to total up how much I’ve spent on to do apps from the App Store. But I don’t use any of them on a regular basis. So when I came across Task Pro I wasn’t sure whether to take a look or not.

There is one one particular feature available in Task Pro that made the decision for me. It’s a feature that sets it apart from the majority of other to do apps. Read on, and I’ll explain what it is.


With iOS 5, Apple introduced Reminders, its own take on the ever-popular task management app category. Reminders has a lot of basic functionality coupled with some other nice features, meaning that for most people this built-in app can cover their every need.

Are you one of those people, or will Reminders leave you wanting more? Read on to find out.