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I think everybody needs a dictionary and a thesaurus, regardless of profession. With the advent of our smartphones and tablets, they’re a lot easier to cart around. Much like cameras, the most important dictionary or thesaurus you have isn’t the oversized monster of a medical dictionary you have on your shelf, but the one you have on your person. So apps are important.

Much like camera apps, though, a good app can make a huge difference. Up until recently, I’ve been using the Merriam Webster app, which was sufficient but certainly not impressive. That’s why I’m glad that Greg Pierce, the developer behind the widely acclaimed Drafts, got in touch with me about Terminology 3, the iOS 7 update to his popular — and much-loved — dictionary app. After only a couple days of use, Terminology 3 has earned a permanent place on all my iOS devices. Read on to find out why a dictionary app is worth every bit of your hard-earned cash.


Most writing apps for the iPad are dedicated to facilitating the writing process. Apps are designed to remove distractions, sync seamlessly and provide easy formatting options; however, very few apps attempt to improve the manner in which the ideas themselves are expressed.

Phraseology, by Agile Tortoise, provides a set of powerful language-editing tools that appeal to any writer who’s more concerned with verbiage than a distraction-free writing environment. How does it hold up to the competition? Read on to find out.