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Despite arguments over how to categorize an iPad, it’s undeniable that the device is capable of much more than watching YouTube videos. Apps like Photoshop Touch are crossing out entries on the list of what an iPad can’t do, while the new iPad’s display blows computer displays out of the water.

Today, we’ll be looking at coding on the iPad, specifically Koder Code Editor by iCodeLabs. Koder is a code editor that attempts to turn the iPad into a coding machine. Is it capable of doing the job of a traditional code editor, or is it just another swanky entry in the book of the underpowered? Read on to find out.


So you’re sitting in this airport with your iPad when all of a sudden you get the urge to play around with designing a website. What are you supposed to do? You don’t have your computer on-hand, and surely the iPad couldn’t help you brainstorm, design, and build a website, right?

Wrong. With the proper tools the iPad could easily be a useful crutch in this scenario, allowing you to capitalize on a burst of inspiration or kill time in a productive way. Let’s dig in.


I know that you’re sick of reading this. Frankly, I’m sick of writing this, but it bears repeating: the iPad can be used for something besides watching videos, reading, or other leisure activities. While it certainly excels at those types of tasks, it can also be used to create things as well.

Enter Textastic. Textastic is a text editor for the iPad that allows you to write in several different programming languages, with many of the features of a desktop text editor. If you’re ready to begin coding from your iPad, Textastic just might be the place to start.