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We’ve all been waiting for it, haven’t we? Even before the iPad became a reality, it was heralded as the publishing industry’s saving grace.

A large, touchscreen device being made by one of the hottest tech companies in the world. It captured the imagination of businesses and consumers alike. Perhaps this could finally take one of the last mainstays of the analog world into the next century.

No, I’m not talking about eBooks. Even though those were hotly anticipated as well, the iPad gave hope to a segment of the dead-tree industry that hadn’t had such a hope before: magazines.

Fast forward two years, and one iPad later, we finally have a major publishing industry playing by Apple’s rules. And, while those rules alone could be the subject of an article, we’ll simply say that Apple isn’t quite on the publisher’s side here. That aside, consumers are being given a beautiful experience.

Today we’re going to look at The New Yorker app for the iPad, and see just how successfully they’ve translated this legendary magazine into a new digital form.