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This week, developers ripped apart the code of the beta release of iOS 5.1 and found a reference to two possible new Apple products: the long-awaited iPhone 5 and iPad 3. With the chatter ramping up on what features the new reincarnation of the world’s most popular tablet computer will contain, I’ve rounded up the top 10 features I would love to see on the new iPad.


When the first iPad was announced in 2010, the reaction was a mix of excitement and criticism. The major complaints were the lack of any USB ports, a camera, the ability to multi-task, and the absence of support for Adobe Flash content.

In 2011, the iPad 2 added some of those features and an estimated 29 million iPads have been sold in the two years since the release of the original iPad – as Apple silenced the critics.

I decided it’s never too early to begin speculating about the future. Now that Apple has once again revolutionized a product line and put themselves firmly in first place, what can they do to improve with the iPad 3 and leave competitors struggling to keep up?