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Most iPad owners I meet are content with using the apps provided by Apple. Whether it’s from lack of interest or uncertainty about what’s available in the App Store, they stick with what’s provided to them and go about their business. I, on the other hand, only use a few of Apple’s apps for which alternatives are available and stash the rest away in a folder. There are many reasons why I opt for third-party apps, but anyone that visits an app review blog, such as yourself, probably doesn’t need must explanation why they’re often much better.

With iOS 7’s release, a few of Apple’s apps that I abandoned long ago got a reprieve; mainly due each app’s stark redesign from their iOS 6 predecessor. Of those apps, iTunes Movie Trailers is by far one of my favorites. Beforehand, I was using a combination Wigglehop, Fandango and Google for all my theater going excursions, but now Apple’s all-in-one movie app offers nearly all the information and features I’ll ever need. (more…)

Despite a suffering economy, or perhaps because of it, the entertainment industry is booming. One area in particular that continues to get better and better is film, with new releases every week and scores of excellent movies shown every year. Going to the theater is one of the last cheap options for a date or get-together with friends, and the only question after you decide to go to a theater is which movie you should see.

Apple has released their own movie app, called iTunes Movie Trailers, that will help you decide on every aspect of the movie experience, from which trailers to watch to which theater is showing the movie you’re dying to see. Is this app a red-carpet masterpiece, or a B-movie at best? Read on to find out.