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Pinboard is a simple social bookmarking service with a strong focus on speed, discovery and organisation (using tags). With a powerful API, a vast number of ways in which you can add bookmarks to it and blazing fast search, Pinboard is well worth the price of admission and has quickly become the home for the bookmarks of thousands of users.

Pinner is a universal app that leverages Pinboard’s API to bring its benefits and power to the comfort of your device. After having used it as my main Pinboard client for a couple of weeks now, I’ve found it to be of great value and can honestly say that the more popular and mainstream apps are in for some competition. Here’s why.


Rayman: Jungle Run is exquisite. It’s the very definition of what a platforming game on iOS should be: buckets of fun, gorgeous to look at, and fast-paced.

I’m a bit of a stickler for iOS gaming. It’s tough to impress me. The concept has to be one of those moments where I wonder why I never thought of it and developed it myself. It has to be beyond gorgeous (Infinity Blade II and its predecessor obviously blew me away), but the visuals have to suit the purpose. It has to be easy enough that anybody can learn it, but hard enough that a hardcore gamer could really get into it. Rayman has all of those things in spades.