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I hate packing, don’t you? I usually end up putting it off until literally an hour or two before I’m due to leave, run around the house frantically dumping items into a suitcase, and spend the first part of my trip worrying that I have forgotten something.

This year, I am determined to be more organized, and have enlisted the help of Packing Pro to ensure that I do not forget my passport, toothbrush, or anything else for that matter. Hit the jump to read more.


Booking a hotel for your vacation used to be fairly boring. Unless you were rich you would probably end up staying in some Super–8 or Holiday Inn (my apologies if these aren’t well known outside of the US) leaving a lack of variety and only the promise of a free ‘Continental Breakfast’ getting you through the trip.

Jetsetter is going to change that. While the name implies that the app is focused on getting you to your vacation, Jetsetter is actually an app that allows you to view sales for places that you can stay while you’re on your vacation.