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For most power users (and I’ll assume that most of you are), security is important. Even for you non-power users, it should be important. Don’t make the tragic slip-up of using “123456” as your password for every site and service you frequent. But when you start using a different complex, alphanumeric password for every login, how do you keep track of them?

We have discussed (at length) the merits of and differences between Wallet and 1Password (and even some other competitors) here on AppStorm. As a big fan of Acrylic Apps, I tend to lean toward Wallet, but it even slipped past me when Acrylic quietly updated the iOS version to a universal app, complete with a freshly designed, iPad-optimized interface. It should go without saying, but if you already own the iPhone app, you’ll have access to the iPad version for no additional charge. However, if you haven’t sprung for Wallet on iOS yet, will the iPad version be the deciding factor?