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Have you been staring at the same drab wallpaper for weeks? Are you starving for some new wallpapers and backgrounds. Do you need something to spruce up your iPad and show off the gorgeous screen? Look no further.

Here are some fantastic wallpaper roundups, there’s something for everybody!

When Apple released the new iPad this past March, its most hyped feature was the Retina display that doubled the screen resolution to 2048 × 1536. The new display looked amazing, but it made nearly all previous wallpapers worthless. Shortly after the new iPad’s release, our own Jacob Penderworth delivered a great list of 100 high definition wallpapers. Now that four more months have passed, giving designers and photographers enough time to stockpile their content, we’re ready to deliver you with a list of 100 more wallpapers to show off on your iPad.

As someone that loves to constantly change the look my iOS devices, I’ve spent a great deal of time scouring the net to find great wallpapers. After the break, you’ll find a true labor of love — a treasure trove of great wallpapers in a multitude of categories (displayed in alphabetical order), ranging from abstract, black & white, movies & television, nature and scenic (just to name a few). (more…)

We’ve had a few wallpaper things going on in the last week or so, and it got me to thinking; how often do people change their iPad wallpapers?

For the sake of ease, lets include both Lock Screen and Home Screen in the equation – although I imagine people change their Lock Screen wallpaper much more frequently. Once you’ve found the perfect Home Screen that suits your taste – why change it?

I, personally, rarely change the wallpaper on my iPad – I have a photograph that I love, and leave it there. But everyone’s different, what is your preference?

So there it is. Are you a frequent changer who can’t settle down, or have you still got the wallpaper that the iPad loaded up with? Feel free to leave a comment, or even links to your exact wallpaper so others can share in the delight!

Winners Announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway this week, and special thanks to the kind people at InterfaceLIFT! I’m excited to let you know that the winners have now been chosen. Congratulations are in order to:

David West
Angelica B.
Dan Hannon
Michael Solis
Hashem Zahran
Pablo Herrera
Victor Djumpah
Fly Smasher
Yousuf Tafhim

Well done to the lucky winners, and we’ll be in touch soon. Sorry to those who missed out, be sure to check back for more great competitions!

Old Competition Post

Yes, you heard me. This week we have an astonishing 30 promo codes for Backdrops HD to give away to our fantastic readers! Not only that but the developer has also decided to put the app on sale, so that those of you who miss out can still grab it!

If you’re looking for something extra to impress people when you hand them your iPad, Backdrops HD just might be for you. Read on for a short review and the details of how to enter…


We all love to beautify our devices, and one of the simplest ways to do this is by loading it up with some gorgeous wallpapers. If you’re looking for iPad wallpaper delights, then this is the roundup you’ve been waiting for!

I’ve noticed that most people use different images for the Lock Screen and the Home Screen, something I certainly do myself. It’s down to personal taste, but most people want something outstanding and striking for their Lock Screen, and something more abstract and simple for the Home Screen – you don’t want it to look a mess!

Here is a massive roundup of some awesome wallpapers, divided into striking and fascinating images for your Lock Screen, and more abstract and textured images for your Home Screen.

Let’s dive right in!


One of the most compelling and immersive things about the iPad is, without a doubt, the gorgeous screen. If you’re like me then when you’re holding it you become completely enthralled and oblivious to the outside world.

What better for refreshing your enjoyment of your iPad than giving your lock screen and home screen an overhaul?

Today we’ll be looking at 60 examples of beautiful wallpaper design, from landscapes to abstract art, each tussling for the chance to make their debut on your iPad!