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Apple’s dominant iPad platform does not have a shortage of web browsers. From Apple’s own excellent Safari to Google’s rising Chrome, the iPad enjoys quality web browsers that compete with each other for the use of consumers. While the previous two browsers are certainly among the more popular, there are other applications that compete in other ways. The Puffin Web Browser is on the forefront of these browsers, offering various features not found on any of the more popular choices.


People used to whine about the iPad’s lack of Flash support, saying that it’d never suit for watching videos on the world wide web as Flash is integral and immovable.

Yes, it’s buggy, bloated, and unlovable, but you’ve got to stick with it because that’s the way things are; Flash is the British (and a few friends) driving on the left side of the road, it’s not really necessary if you were to start from scratch, but it’s too difficult (and dangerous) to change it now…

I’m here to announce some good news; watching stuff is going to be fun again, and it’s down to the iPad!


It’s funny to look at the Web of today, and think back to it being a purely textual experience at its inception. Inline images came soon after, but today we’re so used to the wizbang of AJAX not to mention the stunning array of beauty that CSS offers. And once video hit the Web, there was really no turning back. Today sites like YouTube and Vimeo are among the most heavily trafficked sites on the Net.

But there’s a conflict between the video of the Web at large, and access to it via the mobile devices we’re using more and more. The bottom line is, they’re hampered by the limited bandwidth caps imposed by carriers and the reliance on a connection to the Internet in general. The iPad is arguably one of the best mediums for watching video – mobile or otherwise – but it doesn’t have a consistent connection to the Internet.

Enter Roadshow from Fetch Softworks. At its core, Roadshow is an app to cache local copies of videos from the Web. Pretty simple premise, right? It is, and Roadshow does a great job not complicating that. It’s simple and intuitive to use. And while it does have some inherent limitations, it also offers the potential for a solution to a fairly common problem: creating an Instapaper-style queue for video content.


Let’s say that you’re wandering around the Internet and you stumble upon an article that you really want to read. Problem is, it’s a bit long, and your boss is coming around the corner so there’s no way you can read it right now. Your options are to leave the tab open on your browser indefinitely, bookmark the article for later reading or just close the tab and move on with your life. Not much else you can do about it, right?

Hold on there, chief. There is an answer, and it’s named Instapaper. Not only will the service allow you to access that article anytime you want, you don’t even have to be online to do it. How does it do this hocus pocus? Follow along as we teach you about the app that will change the way you consume the Internet.