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The poll this week is glaringly simple: do you look forward to new versions of iOS?

Obviously the demographic of this poll is slightly skewed, AppStorm readers tend towards more app and feature excitement than the average user, but I’m interested to know whether you genuinely look forward to new OS releases?

Put the date in your calendar? (You’re a “Yes” by the way)

Download it quite quickly but fail to really look for or use the new features? (You’re probably a “Not really”)

Let me know in the comments what kind of feature updates actually make you excited? Are you looking forward to Siri and iOS 6?

Things change. People change. Times change.

We used to wind clocks and listen to the wireless, now we share what we had for lunch with hundreds of strangers and listen to music on our phones. My question to you this week is: how do you follow your favourite sites?

Once upon a time people actually had to visit sites they liked, but over the last decade a myriad of other means have grown up. Are you still a huge fan of RSS (I am), or do you simply follow every site you like on Twitter and look out for things that interest you?

Are you someone who loves the styling of G+ and would prefer to simply have your favourite content pop up in your stream?

Let me know in the comments if there’s a big way I’ve missed here, I’d be fascinated to hear!

This is a fascinating topic for me. I know plenty of people who own iPhones and iPads that rarely open the App Store, people who have 50+ updates just sitting there waiting for them. Equally, I know plenty of people, like me, who love to search for and try out new apps – perhaps opening the App Store several times a week and seeing what’s new (I also can’t stand the update badge…).

I’d love to know where the illustrious AppStorm readership stands on the scale, how often do you download new apps (be honest)?

I haven’t included an option for people who never check out new apps, mostly because I’d be confused as to why you’re here? Are you a very casual App Store visitor, or do the staff know your name?

What was the last app you grabbed? Let me know in the comments!

iOS 6 has been announced, and there are plenty of exciting features arriving on our iPads come the autumn! For a good roundup of the salient points, check out Jacob’s review of the new features right here. If you want to see exactly how Apple is promoting its next mobile operating system then head over to their iOS 6 Preview.

What I’d really like to know is which feature you’re most looking forward to? Are you just aching to talk to Siri on your iPad, or has the dramatic overhaul of maps got you excited about taking some serious road trips?

If I’m being totally honest I’m probably more excited about the updates to maps than I am about Siri. I think that Siri will be superb in the future, but it’s of relatively limited use at the moment – whereas maps has needed a big re-think for ages, I can’t wait for the iPad and iPhone to be able to provide proper turn-by-turn navigation.

Let me know in the comments why you’re most looking forward to your choice?

Earlier this week 9to5Mac broke the news that it looks like Siri is coming to the iPad in iOS 6! I’ll let you read their report for details, and a few mockups, but would like to ask a very simple question; are you excited about getting Siri on the iPad?

Since Siri first launched we knew that it would eventually come to the iPad, Apple wasn’t going to keep it exclusive to the 4S. The real question is, after all the hype has died down, do you actually care if Siri’s on the iPad?

I have to admit that I’m using Siri on the iPhone less now than I did in the past, but I’d definitely like to have it available on the iPad – if only to schedule calendar events and to show off to my friends…

Let me know you you think, and perhaps tell me in the comments what you think you’d use Siri on the iPad for most!

Perhaps it’s a little early to put this question to the fine readers of iPad.AppStorm, but the sun is shining in England and it certainly feels like summer is upon us.

I’d like to know whether you’re intending to take your trusty iPad on holiday with you?

In my opinion the iPad is a superb travelling companion and I certainly wouldn’t leave home without it stocked full of movies and interesting articles to read, but perhaps you’re of a different persuasion. I can certainly see how certain holidays might make the iPad less useful – it’s powers are lessened if you’re on the beach a lot and it might be a bit risky to take it back-packing…

Nonetheless, I can see the merits of taking the iPad along for travelling time alone – some airlines have started giving fully-stocked iPads out to first-class passengers to use instead of the built-in multimedia system!

What kind of holiday will you be taking this year, and where will the iPad fit in? Let me know in the comments!

Yes, the camera on the new iPad is significantly better than it used to be. But, that doesn’t mean it’s actually any use – I still find it frustrating and nigh on pointless to use the iPad to take photographs.

So there you have it, this weeks question presents itself; how often do you take photos with your iPad?

I’m happy to be proved wrong and shown just how many people do use their iPads to regularly take shots, but I’m skeptical about it myself…

For the purpose of keeping this pure, I’d like you to discount using the iPad for FaceTime, I’ll freely admit that the iPad cameras are great for that! Let’s keep this just about photographs, shots that you aim and focus in on. Let me know in the comments how you feel about using the iPad camera in the wild!

Simple poll this week, to further gauge the organisational habits of AppStorm readers – after we learned that AppStorm readers love having 6 apps in their dock!

Some people are really keen on folders, while others like to have their apps out for all to see. Some people have to fill up each screen with icons, while others will happily go around with only 1 or 2 apps on a screen.

So there here it is; how many screens of apps do you have?

I’d love to know why you have the number of screens you have, simply head to the comments, are they designated for specific tasks or organised by colour of icon?

This week’s poll is for those people who are lucky enough to own both a Laptop and an iPad. A recent survey by IDG had some fascinating things to report on iPad usage, particularly interesting are the statistics on how quickly the iPad is moving to partly, or completely, replace the laptop for many people.

54% of professionals said the iPad had ‘partly replaced’ their laptop, while 16% claimed the iPad had ‘completely replaced’ their laptop. I find that staggering.

That’s why today I’m interested in finding out how iPad.AppStorm readers feel about the place of the iPad in their lives; is the iPad replacing your laptop?

I’m going to mimic a very small element of the aforementioned survey in a bid to compare results – how many iPad.AppStorm readers, who are fully clued up when it comes to apps and using the iPad, feel that it has completely replaced their laptop?

Inspired by Philip Elmer-Dewitt’s recent article on just how many people’s first Apple product is more likely to be an iPhone or, increasingly, an iPad, I’ve decided to see where most iPad.AppStorm readers clambered aboard the Apple train.

His article for Fortune, boldly entitled ‘The iPad as gateway drug‘, quotes an NPD press release that states;

“Newcomers to the brand increasingly turn to the iPhone or iPad as their first Apple device, which combined account for one-third of first-time Apple purchases since 2010.”

I’d love to know what your first Apple product was?

Rather than dilute the poll with endless different answers, I’ve attempted to break Apple products down into distinct, yet significant, categories. Where you first drawn in by the iPod, like so many people in the early 2000s, or have you been hooked since the Apple II?

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