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Unfortunately, this week it’s inevitable that some people will be excluded by the poll. This is because I’d like to ask a direct question about using the cameras on the iPad 2.

They were big news in the original launch announcement and continue to feature prominently on the iPad 2’s feature rundowns, but do people actually get any use out of them?

When I do take pictures with my iPad it’s an odd and slightly uncomfortable experience, holding it steady is often a clumsy affair – as a result I find that the cameras rarely get an airing.

Do you use either of the cameras on the iPad, which one gets the most use? I’m not saying they’re not useful, if you use FaceTime then they’re downright vital, but are the cameras something we like the idea of more than the reality?

I’d love to hear your comments on the matter. If you do use one or both of the cameras regularly, it’d be interesting to know what you are using them for? Feel free to comment below and get some discussion going over the purpose and practicalities of having cameras on tablets.

One fascinating trend that’s becoming more and more evident every step we move towards true cloud computing, is the gradual death of the save button. It’s pretty rare on an iPad to find a save button lurking in the corner of an interface, it’s simply not needed.

Games remember where you are, your notes are saved and synched the moment you’ve written them, are we moving towards an illustrious save-free future? Is this the end of the traditional floppy disk save icon?

It’s a simple poll this week, what do you think about the future of the save button?

Is the death bell tolling for this stalwart of the PC era?

As devices become more and more capable of continuously saving and backing up, the way we save is changing forever. Will this change move from iOS devices across the whole spectrum of computing? As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below!

Here at AppStorm we have a varied array of article types, this is in the hope that we can give you something interesting and diverse to read every week! Everyone has a slightly different taste, some prefer longer, more in-depth reviews, while others prefer snappy opinion pieces that get you thinking.

I’d love to know what type of post is your absolute favourite to read? iPad.AppStorm has been live for around three months and we have already gathered an awesome readership, here is your chance to help shape the growth of the site.

Before I finish it’s worth noting that I have purposefully left off two key posts; Polls and Competitions. This is mainly because I want to focus on the meat of the site, the true substance. Polls are great, a beautiful way to interact, but don’t really take much effort to read – and regarding competitions, who doesn’t like to win things?

Get involved here and tell me what your favourite article to read is and, if you’d like to, why?

Any comments or ideas are totally welcome, we’re all friends here – if you’d really like to see more of something, simply leave a note. Personally, I’m fascinated to see the outcome of this one!

Perhaps it’s a little early to be asking this question but it is, technically, summer now! One of our writers, Zach, has been doing a fantastically useful series on travelling with your iPad and it’s made me curious to see how many of you will take your iPad with you!

I can see a few different sides to this argument, it may be the perfect travelling companion but taking it means worrying that it’ll get stolen or otherwise incapacitated.

Perhaps your family, or friends, would become frustrated by the lack of attention they would get in the presence of the iPad? Would taking it mean feeling like you’re still at work? Maybe it’s best to leave it at home…

What about travelling? The iPad is a beautiful device for distraction on long journeys, some airlines are even rolling them out for premium passengers!

What will you be doing when the time comes, packing the charger and heading off boldly, or leaving it safely at home? Whatever you do, make sure you tell your iPad not to push email from the server – leave the work behind!

The sheer volume of new features announced for iOS 5 cements it as one of the biggest software upgrades ever released. iOS 5 has 200 new features, only 10 of which did Apple go into depth with on Monday. We have lots more to be excited about.

I’m fascinated to know which of the major new features you’re most excited about for the iPad? Zach shared his thoughts on Thursday and came to the conclusion that he is most looking forward to the potential of Newsstand, but what about you?

Are you on the edge of your seat for multitouch gestures? You just can’t wait to wow your friends with five-finger swipes!

What about iMessage? Surely that takes the iPad to a whole new level, keeping you in constant communication with all of your friends and contacts (the good ones anyway).

I’m genuinely excited about the ability to wirelessly sync my iPad and iPhone with my Mac, that’s one less cable I need lying around!

Simply check through the list and pick the feature that you think will transform the experience of using your iPad the most! If you find that your favourite feature update isn’t on the list then be sure to leave a comment and explain why you feel it will make a huge difference.

We’ll have to take this poll again once we’ve all had a chance to get our hands on iOS 5!

This week on iPad.AppStorm we’ve had a couple of articles that have focussed on magazines and the iPad. First there was the in-depth opinion piece by Kevin Whipps on how to fix the problems with current iPad magazines, and then we had a review of The New Yorker by Zach LeBar.

It got me to thinking about whether the iPad will ever completely trump print as the primary medium for magazine-style consumption? Will the interactive experience of the iPad make it unavoidably attractive for publishers in the future?

We are really only seeing the first wave of magazines truly optimised for the intuitive experience of the iPad, is this going to be a powerful trend?

I’m fascinated to hear what you think about the future of magazines in relation to the iPad! Obviously this is all speculation, but if you had to hazard an opinion what would it be?

Do feel free to expand on your answer by leaving a comment, I’m interested to know what you think about the future of magazines on the iPad. Have you found any particularly stunning ones?

Earlier this week Matthew Guay wrote an in-depth article regarding using an external keyboard with the iPad. It got me wondering how many of you guys use an external keyboard with your iPad?

Is it something that you couldn’t live without or just a beneficial tool for some situations? I personally don’t own one, but how many do?

I could have chosen to do a poll on which external keyboards people have decided upon, which would be interesting but wouldn’t answer what I’d really like to know – what proportion of iPad users go out and complement their purchase with an external keyboard?

Feel free to comment below regarding what keyboards you’ve found to be great, or even why you’re so fond of the external keyboard in general. Should the casual iPad owner seriously consider getting on board?

Following some discussion over whether the iPad is beneficial in education, it would be very interesting indeed to see whether you think the iPad should be used en masse by schools around the world.

A fascinating article in TUAW reported recently that the school board in Auburn, Maine decided to launch a pilot program which would place an iPad 2 in the hands of the district’s 300 kindergarten students.

School officials hail this program as “a revolution in education,” but some parents are questioning this decision. Is it a waste of money outright? Does it sound hopeless to give iPad 2’s to five-year olds, would it be far more beneficial to older children and teenagers?

Perhaps it’s too early in the existence of the iPad to begin rolling it out across educational institutions, it might be a revolution in computing but we should wait for it to develop (and prices to come down) before launching into an expensive buying program.

For the poll I’m more interested in whether you think the iPad should be brought into institutional education now, rather than whether the iPad can be a useful educational tool. Will placing an iPad 2 in the hands of every school-age child dramatically improve their education? Is it worth the cost?

While I absolutely love the reading experience of the iPad, I have yet to truly branch out from reading shorter form articles and the like. I have read bespoke ePUB apps, such as Our Choice, but as for text based novels and the great classics I have forsaken them.

What I’d really like to know is how you read books on you iPad?

Did you already have a selection of Kindle books before the launch of iBooks and so have stuck with it? What style of page turning do you prefer?

Do you use a variety of different apps for reading?

Maybe a single solution hasn’t quite grabbed you yet, and for now you’re happy to switch between a few contenders. Do you wish that iBooks came with a rich mahogany theme…

Is there an app that I have neglected to mention – do feel free to leave a comment below!

Over the last year or so it’s become patently obvious that the iPad is a fantastic platform for gaming! From excellent iPad versions of iPhone games, such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, to more serious console contenders, I’m thinking Infinity Blade and Real Racing, there has been an explosion of games available for the iPad.

The size of the iPad’s screen and it’s powerful processor lend it perfectly to running really quite advanced games, the iPad 2 makes a bold move even further in this direction with the serious increase in graphics power.

But, the real question is, what type of iPad gamer are you?

Just because the iPad can handle complex games doesn’t necessarily mean it’s suited to them, do you prefer to use iPad games to pass the time?

Or, are you someone who simply loves to get fully involved in your games – does the racing experience of Real Racing, and using the iPad’s gyro, take your love of games to the next level?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts – simply post a comment below! What is your favourite iPad game?

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