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It’s Productivity Month on iPad.AppStorm! Throughout July, we plan to share with you all our tips, tricks, apps and resources to help you both improve your iPad experience and work better and more productively!

Anybody that knows me can easily attest to my “minor” app addiction. Given that I do a fair amount of writing, it’s only natural I have a stronger propensity toward writing apps. I have however reached a point where I feel I’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see in a writing app. Their features start to blend together and it becomes increasingly harder for an app to stand out in the sea of iOS text editors.

Write, with some rather unique features and extensive sharing options similar to Drafts, managed to surprise me and shows that there is still much that can be done in an already saturated field.


The competition has now closed, congratulations to the winners @Danurigom, @pestoverde, @Brendan_Nosal, @Nikosan71, @app_shine, @ryushev and @Flinzar!

Write is currently one of our favourite note-taking apps for the iPad owing to its beautiful interface and its massive range of features. Not only will it allow you to write in Markdown — saving you absolutely loads of time in the long run — but it also features an intuitive pull-to-save and pull-to-delete function and all your files are uploaded to Dropbox straight away, so you can use them on whatever device you’re using.