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We’ve been doing a series on the iPad and professionals for several weeks now, and each one has required a fair amount of prep work on my part. After all, I’m not a professional musician or artist. I like to dabble, but trying to round apps up without truly being a professional in any field requires a lot of digging. In some cases, like our post on the iPad and musicians, I ended up missing a lot of apps. Sometimes, an entire professional field is impossible to cover.

This week is a little different. Although I never expect to completely cover an entire category, I’m a little more confident writing about iPad apps for professional journalists because of the work I do in this very sector. I’ve got a degree in communications and used an iPad in my later years of university. I’m thrilled to share some knowledge in an area I feel extremely knowledgable in this week.


As a writer with an easily distracted brain, I like to keep my process as simple as possible to avoid interrupting the creative flow. However, as a proponent of the traditional pen and paper approach to writing, carrying a plethora of notebooks and keeping them organised can be a nightmare. Consequentially, I am always on the lookout for ways to streamline the process in order to make writing that little bit easier — Writing App may well be the perfect solution.

Designed specifically for authors, Writing App combines useful research tools with the ability to use the app like a text editor. By incorporating both stages of the creative process together in one app, organisation quickly becomes a non-issue as all of your work is held in one location. All writers know that in order to produce your best work, your mind must be focused and clear to allow the creative juices to flow; Writing App does not claim to boost your creativity, but it may well be a boon to your productivity. Stick around after the break to find out more! (more…)