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Google Maps for iPad has been a long time coming. iOS 6 was introduced ten months ago, and the beta was out even sooner — we’ve been living with Apple Maps on our iPads for quite some time. And it’s not that Apple Maps is a terrible experience — visually, it’s extraordinary — but most of us don’t use our iPads as GPS devices.

Maps on tablets, in that sense, are a bit different than maps on phones. Although GPS is important on them, what I really want is a way to browse my local neighbourhoods as efficiently as possible. In fact, what I want is a fast and accurate way to find cool places I want to go. Let’s see if Google Maps finally fits the bill. (more…)

Reference material. Not very exciting, is it?

Undeniably useful, but until you need it, it never crosses your mind. It’s ok. I’ve remembered it. In a lot of ways, an iPad is the perfect vehicle for storing and retrieving information while on the road. It’s thinner and lighter than a book, but larger than a smartphone. Even the cheapest model has enough storage to cover what you need.

There’s a lot of information you could potentially need on a trip. And the less familiar the place, the more important the accuracy of the information. From where to go, and what to see and do, to making sure you’ve got the right flight, and knowing your way around a traffic jam.

Let me show you the essential apps to give you the information you need, making sure it’s right at your fingertips.